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A new service has been introduced by the 247 backlinks team.  They provide a choice of backlinks including Profile backlinks with PR and blog comments and all links cost just $0.001 USD .

Grab Your FREE 1000 Backlinks

To launch the service they are providing 1000 completely free backlinks of your choice and you can decide when they are submitted.  This really is a fantastic offer not to be missed and it gets better because for everyone you personally refer, not only do they get 1000 free backlinks but you also get another 1000 free backlinks as a referral commission.

I have tried the service and within 2 days of signing up I received an email with over 600 backlinks submitted,  the screen shot of the report is below.

To ensure as many links as possible are indexed simply copy the links supplied in the report and ping them using a free service like  bulkping.com, then create a RSS feed in bulkping and submit using their free service, it takes less than 5 Min’s and you will see a substantial additional amount  indexed and remember all for FREE.

So What is the catch?

Very rarely do we ever get something for nothing but with this service you really do get up to 1000 completely free backlinks and a further credit for any referral you make.

They offer this as a way to get you to use the service obviously in the hope you will then purchase more links.  This is entirely optional however but when you consider the low cost I can see it makes sense if you want to provide links in big numbers to buffer sites or web 2.0 sites as a boost to the link juice, as stand alone backlinks the quality is quite weak but when you consider you can buy 10,000 profile links for just $10 it is not going to break the bank and has to be a good buy if used as above.


 Here is the deal they offer

To receive your FREE 1000 backlink submissions  click here to register  your log in will be sent by email and you can set up your links in a couple of minutes.

  • Once you have registered you will be given an affiliate URL that you can send to your friends or subscribers and they will get the 1000 free backlinks and you too will receive an additional 1000 backlinks as a referral commission for each new subscriber.
  • Receive an additional 10% of any backlinks purchased by your referrals and this is a lifetime program.

The links currently on offer are as follows:

1,035,477 unique domains in lists of blogs made up of over 3,125,786 blog URLs which typically provide a 3% success rate.

1400 unique domains in lists of forums of which 500 have decent PR and typically provide 95% success.

  • You can schedule the links daily,weekly every Monday or any obscure date you wish up to 9 months in the future.  They don’t have a minimum order value should you wish to purchase additional links and you can use them as and when you choose.
  • You can create as many individual projects as you wish and you can add up to 10,000 URLs and 10,000 keywords so ideal if you are providing any kind of link building services.

To get started click to register and you will receive your log in details by return email.   It will take less than 5 Min’s to set up your URLs and keywords and within  a couple of days you will receive a report like the one above.

No strings, no catches just a great FREE offer we can all benefit from.

Ken - January 21, 2012

Thanks David
You provide us with top notch information. Appreciate all you do

    davidhenry2933@gmail.com - January 21, 2012

    Hi Ken
    Thanks for the kind words it means a lot. Hope you get a boost with the links, dont forget to ping though, I checked my links and out of 635 I only had 50 indexed but pinging with the free service really boosts the total.



Frankie - January 21, 2012

Thank you very much David.
You honestly do always deliver great tips and information, I`m a fan!

    davidhenry2933@gmail.com - January 21, 2012

    Hi Frank
    Glad you appreciate the heads up. Not every day we find something free that is free!


novservco@gmail.com - January 22, 2012

Hi David, it’s awesome how you find these things. I signed up for this and you should be getting an extra 1000 links. I am hoping I can sign up a ton of people as well and get extra links. Actually, the cost of the links is unbeatable. Keep them coming.


    davidhenry2933@gmail.com - January 22, 2012

    Hi AJ

    I do try to bring any offers or the latest tips and strategies I find to my subscribers, this is a really good offer and one of the few that we can all benefit from equally, I got a credit for the 1000 links and hopefully you will pass this on get your credits too so good luck with the promotions.

Melanio C. Rabang Jr. - January 22, 2012

Hi David,

Thanks for this very valuable information. Your help to new marketers like is very much appreciated.

Tamara - February 5, 2012


I will alvays learn from you. Thanky ever so much.

tom - February 5, 2012

thanks so much for this powerful information, i have bought from you, very happy, you always overdeliver. you will be helping many newbies. you rock.

Steve - March 25, 2012

Hi. I’ve been using them to gain links to my new site. I have struggled to find a good free ping site to ensure they get crawled. I’m a bit of a novice to all this but i’m thinking about adding the urls of the links they are posting to the links i am having built and in that way i’m having links pointing to links that point to my site (deep linking?) Not really sure if this is how it works but for the $0.01 dollars per link it does cost much to see if this will work. Any advice would be greatly received. If sucessful I will update this post.

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Hai Son - September 4, 2012

Thanks so much! I’m trying this service.

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