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I think its fair to say we all need more traffic and there are things we  can all do to help provide this traffic.   Now as I touched on previously, a lot of marketers are caught up in the whole social media extravaganza and every day now I see software that is going to provide millions of targeted visitors by syndicating content to various social media platforms.

Before I go any further, I am a big believer is utilising social media to its fullest and for those of you that have been reading my blog for any length of time or have purchased any of my products related to SEO and Social media will know I use solid social media syndication as a big part of the puzzle.

Social Media is not the be all and end all of marketing and traffic generation as many currently will have you believe.

I am sure if you have been trying to get the most out social media for more  than a couple of weeks you will probably be thinking its a lot harder than at first made out especially by the wonder software merchants!

The first thing that is far more difficult than first anticipated  is the need to produce world class content on a very regular basis, its all well and good selling the idea of syndicating content, engagement with your followers, growing your circles and getting more authority but this all hinges on people sharing your own content, something a lot of people struggle to maintain on a regular bassis so they see their results are much slower than first hoped and new traffic remains at a snails pace.

So What can you do to drive some traffic

The first option is to pay for traffic, this is an instant solution but obviously involves a cost.   The second option and the one I want to focus on today is generating targeted visitors to your blog for free.

So as I have just eluded to earlier, the method I want to feature today is blog commenting but not as you probably know it

I have published a previous post a few months ago on the benefits of blog commenting but things have moved on, some of the principles and methodology remains the same but generally the focus has changed

The main focus has changed

The main aim of this strategy is to get free traffic to your blogs.  A secondary benefit is the link juice you can get if you find “do follow” blogs that have good content and high Page rank.  Now I appreciate this may not appear to be ground breaking stuff and many people have dismissed its benefits because of the spam associated with it, we have all seen blogs with pages and pages of auto approve comments from spammers that make no sense.

This is not how we do blog commenting

The Overall Aim

Blog commenting has changed over the last year or so.  Originally we all left comments purely for back link purposes and rarely if ever interacted with the blog owner or even revisited the blog.

The first thing we all need to be aware of is first and foremost we are trying to get visitors from the blog we are leaving the comment on to click on the link in our comment and visit our own site.

We therefore need to ensure our content is as good as it can be or its a complete waste of time because without good content no one will stick around.  This will have a negative effect to your rankings causing your bounce rate to go sky high.

We need to focus on quality blogs that attract high numbers of visitors, we are wasting our time on a blog that gets 50 visitors per day because we will be lucky to get 2 of them.

We need to engage

We need to look at the overall strategy as one to provide further opportunities to engage with the blog owner.  Bloggers by nature are people who want to engage with their readers, they want to interact and if you leave a well structured comment and click to select to be notified of follow up comments as most blogs have these days you have a great opportunity to start to engage and build a relationship.

This is what we all need to be doing on a daily basis and blog commenting wins hands down over Facebook likes, tweets or +1’s as a way to start a relationship.

The Strategy

Once you have found an opportunity to leave a comment read the post at least twice.  Make notes of the main points and spend 5-10 minutes researching your answer.  This is an extremely valuable opportunity to engage with a major influencer from within your own niche so don’t fall short leaving a 2 line run of the mill comment.

Consider the size of the blog, check the Alexa ranking to get some idea of the traffic potential and consider the massive opportunity to build a solid relationship with the blog owner that can develop into all sorts of positive opportunities, guest posting, sharing your content, connecting you with other major influencers, once you identify an opportunity you need to do whatever to get that comment to stick.

Don’t forget the Ranking benefits

A major secondary benefit is of course the potential link juice benefits that are passed from this authority high PR blog back to your own site, you really don’t need many highly targeted related links from trusted sites to skyrocket your rankings,

Are you already beginning to view blog commenting now in a different light, it presents a gilt edged opportunity and all for the cost of just your time.

If you commit to spend just 30 minutes a day fine tuning this strategy you will quickly become a very well connected authority in your niche with all the social proof Google wants from real people with active blogs in your own niche.

The method

So the first thing we need to be very aware of is we are only interested in blogs closely related to our own niche.  The closer the better but in some  smaller niches a general association with the theme is fine.

The first job is to find these blog comment opportunities.

I have recently developed a full solution for finding high PR blogs that allow do follow comments that automates the whole process required.  It finds up to 500 blogs per keyword and can automatically check for approval before submitting to bulkping to get indexed fast.  This is the most powerful blog commenting software available anywhere online and highly recommended, please click here to get the details

If you want to find blogs manually without the software using google search you can use search strings as follows inurl:blog”your keyword” “post comment”

Other strings to try are, “powered by wordpress””your keyword” “leave a comment”
Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”
Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”
Your Keywords “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”

Once you have your results in Google arrange them in PR order using SEO Quake. (If you do not have this installed please click the link and install it to your toolbar, it provides invaluable free information on a wide range of marketing data)

Depending upon your niche, try to target sites with a PR2 or higher and try to aim for blog posts less than 2 months old, you will come across many older blog posts, some  from years ago with hundreds of comments on,don’t leave a comment on this type of post, it will do more harm than good because invarialbly other spammers will have left comments that will have a negative impact on your general link neighbourhood

Link Velocity

Link velocity is more prevalent for newer websites but requires you to build links at the same sort of rate on a weekly basis so as not to raise any flags to Google of unnatural link building (spam). This has been flagged in the new Penguin update so take care to build links at the same sort of pace.

On a side note, many people seem to think a new site should only add a couple of links per day, there is nothing stopping you adding 1000 links per day from day 1 providing you continue to add 1000 links per day going forward.  It is the velocity not quantity the search engines are concerned with.

Set your self a target to comment on a minimum number of blogs per week or even day if you have the time, other than guest blog posting this is still without doubt the best use of your time to drive traffic and boost your rankings and you will be amazed at your ranking improvements  for a relatively small number of links providing they are of a high quality and relevant.

Getting Links to Stick and therefore count

Once you have posted your comments it is essential to copy and paste all of the url’s into a txt file.  Unless these URL’s are indexed the link is worthless so we need to copy and paste these URL’s in to a pinging/RSS software once the comment has been approved.   I recommend using  bulkping  which is easy to use and its free. I usually revisit 2/3 days later to check for approval then ping the URL’s.

Page Linking

Most people tend to link to the home page in the majority of cases when blog commenting.  It does depend on the blog post as to the relevancy of any content you may have available to deep link to but I highly recommend deep linking into a relevant post or article wherever possible, I try to get at least a 50/50 split but the more targeted post’s you have the better chance of getting the link to stick and a deep link will carry more benefit than a home page link.

Anchor text splits

Another major aim of Penguin is to regulate the number of % of exact match anchor text links.  Linking all of your comments with”blue widget” is not natural so don’t use the same exact match keyword in more than 15% of you comments. 

So there you have it.  Blog commenting provides a perfect platform to build strong relationships with like minded marketers in your industry or niche.  Use it on a regular basis and make sure to add value in your comments and content that you are linking to.

Use your social media syndication and you will become a major authority in your niche and using blog commenting as a spring board will get you there quicker than any other FREE method.

As always please leave a comment, after all it is a post about blog commenting so lets see who can leave the best comment.  If we get more than 15 comments I will give the best comment a free copy of my link finder pro software so good luck.



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i will Choose the second option and i will never go to pay for traffic. i am an administrator of a blog and i know using social media is perfect for traffic.

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“we are trying to get visitors from the blog we are leaving the comment on to click on the link in our comment and visit our own site.” I totally agree with this one! Thank you for the list! Very clear and brief! Kudos!

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