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Before sending you to the download page to access your funnel I have an optional add on that I think may benefit you...

Here's 21 Professionally Created "Done for you" 

Follow Up Email Messages...

These Emails Are Designed To Build A Solid Relationship With Your Subscribers AndMAKE SALES Of The Products In Your New Funnel (Plus make other affiliate sales)

Here's your chance to add to your done for you product funnel with a series of 21 professionally created follow up emails.

These emails are designed to not only BUILD A SOLID RELATIONSHIP with your subscribers, but also to SELL! Specifically, they sell the products in the funnel you just ordered (as well as some affiliate products).

So let me ask you this...

How good are you at writing your own relationship building emails?

How good are you at writing your own profit-pulling sales emails?

If writing these types of emails yourself is something you excel at, by all means just write your follow up emails yourself.

But if you can see how having a proven, professionally written email series can add to your bottom line then you'll want to take advantage of this special offer.

How Much Would It Cost For You To Hire Someone To Create These Emails For You?

If you wanted to hire someone to write your autoresponder emails for you, get ready to pay several hundred dollars per email.

In fact, in doing a little searching, the CHEAPEST email copywriter I found (that actually had some experience) charges $295 per email (with a 5 email minimum).

That's $1475.00 for just 5 emails!

And the truth is...

Most professional copywriters (the ones that actually will do autoresponder messages) are pretty good at writing the sales emails.

...but they're pretty lousy at writing the relationship building emails.

So today I'm offering you 21 professionally written follow-up emails that are the perfect balance of relationship building emails and sales emails.

This follow up series was custom written to go hand-in-hand with your new sales funnel.

So How Much Is It?

Well at $295 per email it would cost $6195.00. But obviously this is a special offer so I'm not charging that much.

You also won't pay the $1475.00 that other copywriters are charing for 5 emails.

You can get all 21 emails for a one time payment of just $197 (far less than the cost of just 1 email from the other copywriters).

But hold on...

$197 is the NORMAL PRICE for this email series.

Since you just ordered, and since this follow up series is written specifically for the funnel you just ordered, your special offer price is a one time payment of just $27!

Add These Emails To Your Order For Just $17

21 Email messages