David Henry

I am an Internet marketer based in the UK specializing in providing solutions to help people make money online, build a list of subscribers and create information products using PLR.

I have been online since 2011 and I live with my wife and 4 children.

My original specialist niche was the travel sector. I helped to form a new start up website in 2004, Holiday Rooms Direct and we quickly built the business achieving a 7 figure turnover by 2006, in 2007 we achieved the number 1 position in the prestigious Sunday Times Fastest Growing Technology Company of 2007.

I am passionate about marketing and now focus 100% of my time to the Internet Marketing niche. My aim is very simple, for me to earn a good living I need to build relationships with other like-minded marketers looking to make a full time living online. I will provide as much valuable content as possible to help you in your Internet marketing efforts together with sound advice.

We all start somewhere so my goal is to help you help yourself by not making as many mistakes as I made when starting out and therefore speed up the whole process to getting you into profit.

I encourage you to download the comprehensive training to get you started in the right way and I will provide tips and the latest methods that are working today to help you become even more successful online.

I am of course a marketer so I will let you know of any products or services I either use or intend to use and genuinely feel will help and improve your business potential. This said, I can assure you that I will not bombard your inbox daily, I usually send out 2-3 emails per week which by and large are tips and updates on the latest strategies that are working for me so be sure to whitelist my email once you sign up.

To make money online takes belief in your ability and hard work to establish the fundamentals of any web based business. Not taking action is probably the biggest cause of failure online with information overload sapping all your energy, whilst knowledge is power and a certain amount is required to get you going, don’t let it bog you down and doing something positive every day that may not be 100% perfect is better than doing nothing at all waiting to get every last detail right before launching into action.

To Your Success

David Henry​